Feathers Everywhere!!

Hi keepers, well this is a first for us, one of girls , Nellie, is moulting, we have’nt had experience of this until now, at first I thought one of them had been attacked by some beastly creature, then we started to notice that Nellie was looking a bit different. She has started to grow the new feathers, so she is looking a bit messy at the moment, a bit like when you pop in to see the other half at the hairdressers and she’s in the middle of the hairdressing process.

The new feathers are so soft, and have more colour to them, that’s color to our American friends, the result of which has made her more ginger, real copper coloured, unfortunately one of the side effects of this is that she is off laying at the moment, however I have tracked down the remaining layers now, so should be back to 3 eggs a day, Daisy must of been having her day off when we returned, and maybe she just stopped while we were away as someone suggested.

Dorothy the Light Sussex

Dorothy the Light Sussex


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