New Nest Found

Hi there readers, today started with leaving the girls locked up til 10am, by then they are gagging to lay their eggs. It sort of resembles a greyhound race when I open the front door of the coop, they scramble for a few bits of feed, then it’s off to lay, Daphne is still laying in the old spot, whereas Gloria and Daisy seem to be going next door.

The two secret layers split up in what looked like some kind of diversionary tactic, they went in totally opposite directions, but then both ended up in Mani’s garden to the right of our place, Gloria’s nest was quite easy to find as she made her new nest just on the other side of the bamboo fence, and I was able to reach over and grab the eggs, however Daisy seems to be a bit more secretive, plus she tends to lay in the afternoon, so it’s a bit hard to watch them all day. I followed her into next door, but then found she was just stratching away in their compost heap,, no nest to be seen.

I can only think they must be annoyed by the fact that a new person is taking their eggs, because this has happened both times we have been away, maybe they put up with us taking their eggs, but when they see Terry taking them aswell, they just think , ‘ oh right that’s it, now another geezer is robbing our eggs aswell, i’m moving ‘.

So alls well, we found four eggs in Gloria’s new nest, left 1 behind ofcourse, so she won’t move again, still to find Daisy’s new spot, only a matter of time.


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