General Update

mangawhaiHi there keepers, lots and nothing to report really, I think maybe I’m taking things more in my stride now with the girls, getting a bit more farmer like about it, rather than pet keeper. In that vein, the biggest news is that weve lost an egg a day, we at first suspected Daisy was laying somewhere else, however after a bit of spying, which takes some time and cunning, as they seem to be aware of you watching them, and don’t want to give away the location of the nest, I saw that Daisy is laying in the communal nest, so who is going elsewhere? No one as it turns out, the truth is Nellie has stopped production, not sure of the reason? it’s still summer, the diet is the same (varied), the only difference is the new chicks.

 I have my suspicions Nellie is older than the others, and may just have come to the end of her prime, as far as egg laying goes.

Dorothy the light Sussex is now slightly bigger than the shavers, and she is starting to become more dominant, her and Daphne were invloved in a tug of war over the end of a baguette, Dorothy won the larger piece, and there was no chase given by Daphne, which definately wasn’t the case two weeks ago. Manuella is coming out of her shell too, and is getting in amongst it all, fighting for her place in the flock.

I think the heat is getting to the girls a bit, as they seem to have wanted to roost outside the coop for the past two nights, which have been hot.

Going of on another camping trip, for a week this time, so the chickensitter ( Terry), will be in residence for the next few days, I’m sure there will be stories to report on our return.

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  1. It’s possible Nellie is either about to go broody or is about to start molting. My new leghorn has gone through both recently, leaving us with no home-grown eggs since Christmas!

    Our two silkies are still too young to lay yet.

    I’m looking to get another hen of a good laying breed to add some redundancy to the system :-).

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