Order Has Been Established

Hello keepers, yesterday was a little bit wet and wild, the storm had blown through during the night, but the tail was enough to make the day a little dim. The hens needed more feed as they didn’t seem too keen on forageing, they even went for the budget pellets yesterday. they all seem to getting long nicely, as they have all been sharing the same coop now at nights for 4 nights, however I have still had to force the chicks into the coop, and lock the door behind them, that was until last night.

It had got dark a bit earlier than usual due to the stormy weather, I cooked dinner last night, then retired to the back room for a cuppa and a wooodbine, before I knew what time it was, it had grown dark, and i was just about to go out to put them all in, when the other half came into the room and announced they were all in bed of their own accord, sorted out their roosting spots, and all she had to do was shut the door.

Today they all seem even better together, the order has been established.

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