Daisy the secret Layer

Hi there, well I have searched everywhere in our garden for the missing eggs, somewhere in the region of 8 eggs should be in the new nest, I’m assuming there is a new nest, maybe she’s just given up laying.
This seems to make it more important that i build them a bigger coop again, with nest boxes inside, as one of the reasons they move the nesting spot, is the weather, two of their nests have been rained out.
I try to keep an eye on Daisy as I’m pretty sure it’s her who is sneaking off, as I have seen the other 3 layers on the nest that we do get eggs from, but not Daisy. She spends some of her day in Mani’s garden next door, as they have a fruiting plum tree, and the girls come back from beneath the plum tree, a bit drunk I think, well they get very sleepy after a few plums.

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