The Rat Catcher

Hi there, recently the other half has noticed a tabby cat in the garden, seemingly eyeing up the hens, when i saw her the other day, I chased her away, the cat that is, she seems too small to take on one of the hens so I haven’t been that worried about her.

Earlier today I heard one of the girls alarm calling, so of course  I went to investigate the reason, there was the tabby, but not going for the girls, she had infact caught a rather large rat, and was running off with it between her teeth. Great, as I have seen the, now deceased rat lurking about lately and was about to buy a rat trap, no need to it seems.

The cat seems to be feeding a litter of 2 kittens, which I saw at the local Mobil station , the petrol station’s around the block from our place, there was the whole family of 4 cats, camped on the forecourt, strange place for cats to live, then it’s a strange petrol staion, the staff always seem miserable, and everything seems to breakdown there, so I mostly avoid it. Don’t want to evoke whatever spirits that might be there breaking all the stuff.


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