Abandonned Nest

Hi there, well I hope you all had a nice couple of days off work. There have been movements on the nest front, it seems that the girls do not want to lay in the nest that got attacked, I don’t blame them, it makes alot of sense. After the swamp hens demolished 2 eggs, only one of the girls laid an egg there, it was the very next morning, I suppose in her panic to lay she didn’t know where else to go, but that was it, the following day they all laid under the house, beneath a piece of wood the lies up against the wall with a piece of plastic sheeting over it. That was good we knew where all the eggs would be, but not for long, the next day we appeared to be 2 eggs down, I assumed that they were having a day off, but this has continued now for three days, so this morning I watched they’re movments, and it was Daphne that gave away the new nest, for she sprinted for it as soon as she was let out, and it is where I imagined it would be, underneath a load of bamboo that i had cut down and piled up on the boundry of the neighbours garden, It’s just so thick I can’t see them in there.  

I will once the laying is over today, slowly lift up each piece of bamboo and look for the treasure, I guesstimate the new nest will contain 6 eggs


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