Welcome One and All

dsc01819Hi there, and welcome to The Chicken Keeper, my name is Rob and this blog is devoted to the keeping of chickens, and the trials and tribulations that go with it.

We started keeping chickens in September 2008, the list of poultry we have at present,  one Minorca, and four Wyandotte Golden Laced .  At present we live on a 1/4 of an acre with a creek running through the back, in Waitakere City, which is part of the greater Auckland area in the North Island of New Zealand, although I’m originally  London/Irish from Hackney, and the other half  is from Waterford, in Ireland.  We are just keeping enough hens to provide eggs for the family, we also grow some herbs and vegetables.  I’ve built the coop and run from recycled materials, see DIY corner for more details.

Comments are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the site and maybe find some of it useful.             If reading is not for you then check out the pics in the Secret Layer ^.

7 Responses

  1. Hi! I see we are neighbours. Nice chickens. We keep a dog and a herd of spiders.


  2. Well I have no idea how you found out about my chickens but I sure am glad you did because now I found your site! How much fun. I have a question for you…in order to get organic eggs do we just need to keep giving our girlies organic feed and organic veggies? Also, how old should they be before we give them veggie scraps?

  3. Very cool we keep 8 or so chickens, mostly rhode island reds

  4. Hi.

    We’re now running an affiliate scheme where you can earn commission on referrals sent to us.

    http://www.chicken-house.co.uk/affiliate/ to sign up.


  5. I read a one of your recent post about Egg bound Treatments and was very impressed with the information given. Thanks for blogging over the topic.

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