Am I bothered?

It seems not, the girls just sat there watching , there has been much activity in the garden today with the bridge for the sewer works being completed, one of the engineers has been welding up the metal plates, to the girders most of the day, and the hens nestled down in some straw and watched him, I hope they don’t have arc eye from looking at the welding, terrible affliction, like having sand in your eyes.

So in the end I didn’t have to move the run after all, they are doing all the work from one side of the creek, oh well, it got me motivated, and it has stopped the roaming around so much. On that note, I left a nice note on a trading message board, under enviroment, about this blog, ‘ anyone who wishes to take a look etc etc etc,’ ,well i recieved mainly good feedback, however this one individual, steamed in with, ‘dopey  this chickenkeeper,  i’ve been keeping hens 40yrs, amateurs, blah blah blah’,  not very constructive, so I left them a return note saying, ‘ why not part with some of your 40yrs experience, rather than judge my 3mth worth of chicken keeping skills against your 40’, 

Low and behold they did respond with some advice and tips on fences, which was nice of them, most people are nice given half a chance, don’t give them a whole chance though, that’s asking for trouble. Take a chance now and again yourself, I recommend twice a week to start, with food, please do not take chances while driving or operating heavy machinery, as this could result in an accident.


worker not 100% sure

worker not 100% sure


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