Daphne, our speachless shaver, Darthne has become her nick name.

Daphne, our speachless shaver, Darthne has become her nick name.

Hi there, as you may have read earlier, we have 3 new chicks, and the breeder we bought them from gave us enough feed to last them a day, which was very kind of her. So today i had to get some chick feed with the added avirix or someting to help the chicks immune system, also I have heard good things about a laying pellets called PECK N LAY, comes with a bag a grit too, however the nearest supplier to me for those items is 26kms away, so thats a 52km round trip. Bearing that in mind, when I got to the store, I found that the pellets are $6 dearer than I get in town, so I asked politely if a discount was available, well you’d think i’d asked for the crown jewels, by the reaction of the teller.’ What for!’ she asked bemused,  I explained how a simular product sold in the shop near me was $6 cheaper, and how I’d driven 26km to get there, implying that I won’t be coming back unless you make it worth my while, still no was the answer, something to do with small margins.

On the way out of the shop. I notice someone grabbing a couple of big plastic drums from the yard, that had been previously used to transport some form of chemicals, I asked the other shop keeper if they were free for removal, $30 was the reply, ‘ oh ok’ i said walking back towards my car, to which the little old lady who was with the man buying 2 drums, remarked ‘ He wants 1 doesn’t want to pay fot it!’ thought she had said it out of my ear shot, but i turned on my heals and replied, in a polite way, ‘ I recycle other people rubbish for them, and make new things for others rather than waste new materials’, to which there was just silence, then her husband I presume, informed me I might get 1 on trademe ( New Zealand’s trading site), the shop keeper than pointed at a load of pallets I could take, which I promptly did. A new item will emerge from the old pallets.

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