Project Deluxe Coop

99% complete, just some finishing touches, it's no master piece i know.

99% complete, just some finishing touches, it

Hi there, well I’ve been busy than beaver in logging season, not only have I been trying to finish the coop, but I started building another herb box, stupidly before I had finished the coop, and so I ended up with two unfinished projects, who says men can’t multi task? Today though I got stuck into the coop, and yes it is finished, the girls are roosting in it as I type.

Ofcourse don’t think for one second they just marched in, in an orderly row, after I cut the ribbon to mark the occassion, oh no, it was more like an episode of Benny Hill, around and around the garden, til they ran into a corner, then they struck their squating down frightened pose, and we gathered them up, and into the new abode.

I checked on them after about ten minutes, Nellie seem to have taken to it quite well, and was already asleep, while the other four, sat nervously looking at me.

I am rather pleased with myself I must say, the design of the removable floor has worked out well, I have hinged the front and back door, also I have a removable panel on the back to enable easy egg snatching.

I can now go about, reusing the old coop, the chicken wire will come in handy to protect the veggies, which leads me back to the grow boxes I’ve been constructed, again from,  you guess it, pallets. Making them half a metre of the ground makes it easy to weed, access, plus keep the girls from getting to them easily. I am going to build a few extra ones put them on the front lawn forsale, see what happens, the garden centres want a small kings’ ransom for a box.

the chicken keeper

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