The Deluxe Coop

Hi again readers, it’s been a lovely day today, the sun has been shining all day, not a cloud in the sky, infact it’s been like that all weekend, the only cloud on the horizon was the general election yesterday, it seems when investment banks are falling like flies, which might imply they don’t manage things well, so  New Zealands’ public have voted in an investment banker as primeminister, watch this space.

Back to the coop, I have spent about two hours working on the coop today, it’s getting near completion, house warming soon no doubt. As i mentioned in an earlier post, i’m using pallets and bits of timber that i see abandon by the road side, however you know how sometimes pieces just go together like they were tailor made. That’s is how it went today, the ends of a wooden crate i found, were the perfect size for the doors, fitted the door frames i’d already made. I haven’t really been following any plan, just an idea in my head, from an advert in the Waterford News and Star paper, Co Waterford, Ireland, and I let it grow organically from there.

Nellie and Daisy have already been in for a look, I think they know what it is, or at least think it looks like a good place to hide for the nite from any predators, of which in New Zealand there aren’t any real dangers, other than dogs perhaps, we do have hedgehogs here, has anyone experienced hedgehogs eating their eggs, I know they will eat smaller eggs, that are in ground nests, but are their little mouths big enough to crack a chickens eggs?


2 Responses

  1. Hedgehogs will break eggs, they also kill and eat chicks and even older smaller hens. Don’t forget cats, rats, stoats, ferrets and hawks, all common predator in NZ.

  2. Wow that’s quite a few i hadn’t thought of,……?

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