Secret Layers’ Nest Discovered

Well, hello to you all,  she has evaded me now for 8 days, Saturday, no where to go, but sit and watch her til she goes to lay, but i didn’t do that,  i was busy catching 3 other birds in the neighbours garden, chasing them back over the fence, during the comotion, Daisy seized her opportunity to slip off to her secret nest, sure enough by the time i had sorted the other 3 out, she had disappeared.

I walked down to where i last saw her, nothing, but then i stumbled on some branches and nearly fell into a nearby large bizzy lizzy plant, apon doing this a few clucks came from the aforementioned bush, which only 2 days ago i had taken some cuttings from, and there she was sitting in the now not so secret nest, i did my best to pretend i hadn’t seen her, and went about adding to the new coop.

Finally she emerged from the bizzy lizzy to see what i was up to, I gave them a handful of feed, to keep them occupied, and went to investigate,  low and behold, 9 eggs, it felt like christmas had come early. I let out a loud wooping sound, neighbours probably think i’m a bit cookoo. Well excited doesn’t describe it, i rushed 8 of the eggs upstairs, straight into a pan of water, all good. If your wondering why only took 8, I figure if i leave one there, she keep going back to it, and not go off to a new hiding spot, a have made clay eggs for the others nesting spots.

The street did well today for fresh eggs, i give the excess away to the neighbours.

‘Alls well that ends well’ said Shakespeare, i wonder if he kept chickens?



One Response

  1. He did …in act four scene three ‘As you like it’
    Great blog btw…………

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