Upgrading The Coop

It has occurred to me that the present coop suits the hens very well, they are warm, safe and dry. However the flaw in my design, is that it isn’t easy for me to clean out, therefore i have set about constructing a more practical coop, for both myself and the girls,.

Materials have been sourced from the local plumbing worlds, excess pallet pile, kindly donated, (i shall return with eggs, to try and ensure a steady supply of timber), it shall be a two storey affair, as the two new hens, daisy n nellie, have taken to perching up high, mainly to get away from the constant pecking from nancy.

This time i’m using a whole small pallet as a removable floor, which will slide out of the front for easy use,  the floor of the coop should also stay cleaner as the droppings can fall through the gaps in the pallet, so far i’ve noticed they are quite good at going in the same place, do others find this?

The frame it is finished, and i’ve started cladding it with some top planks from other pallets, it’s starting to shape up nicely, i do find this frustrating , not being able to put up pics here.

Well i shall try to describe my progress, as accurately as i can, hopefully with a slice of humour too.


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