Auckland City By-Law 3.3 keeping of poultry

Thought this might be a helpful post, as it took me ages to find my local councils by-law.

3.3 Poultry keeping


A person shall not keep poultry, except in accordance with the following requirements:

Poultry house requirements

  1. A poultry house shall be provided and shall:
    1. Be of sound construction;
    2. Have a floor of smooth concrete or other easily cleaned approved materials;
    3. Have an enclosed run attached, provided that this shall not apply in the case of any pigeon loft or other pigeon enclosure;
    4. Have a rainproof roof;
    5. Have a floor area of not less than 0.40 square metres for each bird;
    6. Have a height not less than 1 metre from floor to ceiling.


  1. The poultry house and run shall be located at least 10 metres from any occupied building, and at least 3 metres from any public place, or boundary of adjoining premises.

Run to be enclosed

  1. A poultry run shall be so enclosed as to confine the poultry within it, provided that this shall not apply in the case of any pigeon loft or other pigeon enclosure. The poultry run shall have an area of not less than 0.40 square metres for each bird and a height of not less than 1 metre.

Lofts for racing pigeons shall generally meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct produced by Pigeon Racing New Zealand Inc.


  1. Every poultry house and run shall be, to the satisfaction of an authorised officer:
    1. Maintained in good repair;
    2. Maintained in a clean condition;
    3. Free from any offensive smell or overflow;
    4. Free from vermin;
    5. Free from accumulations of manure and food.

Number of poultry permitted to be kept

  1. With the exception of pigeons, not more than 6 head of poultry shall be kept on any private land within the urban area without a permit from an authorised officer. An authorised officer may refuse or revoke this authority if the poultry house or run in question is considered to be likely to cause a nuisance or be injurious to health.
  2. An authorised officer may impose a limit on the number of pigeons kept on any private land if because of their number, the conditions in which they are kept or for any other reason they are considered to be causing a nuisance or to be offensive or injurious to health and if the person responsible for keeping those pigeons fails to comply with any reasonable request to abate or prevent that nuisance or the conditions which are injurious to health.



No person shall keep a rooster in any part of the urban area without the prior approval of an authorised officer. Approval if given may be subject to conditions.



Nothing in this bylaw shall prevent any person keeping poultry:

  1. In an auction room for not more than 24 hours;
  2. In a retail premises for the purpose of sale.
  3. For commercial purposes including the sale of poultry and/or eggs where such use is allowed for under the district plan or by a resource consent.

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