Secret Layer

Hi there, this week i seem to be faced with a new problem, when keeping chickens, Daisy, one of the regular layers, has taken to going off to a secret nesting spot, that only she knows. It’s been a week now, so i imagine there will be a clutch of eggs to collect when i do find it, however time is not on my side, as the weather is warming up, these eggs will not last forever. Plus she doesn’t print a use by date on them, so i will have no way of knowing which was first and last to be laid.

On other related matters, i’m in the process of upgrading the coop, earlier readers will know that at current the ladies roost in an self made ark type arrangement, which is suffient for their purposes of somewhere safe to sleep, however i find it slightly impractical for my needs, i.e cleaning it. So i have aquired more free palets from the friendly plumbing world in new lynn, and i am setting about building a deluxe- coop. I will let you know how i get on.


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